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Presence Work

Presence and Practice

The practice of presence is a turning toward your life and inhabiting your body with an awareness that gives you access to a sense of wholeness in the here and now, a sense of inner connectedness and fullness.  True presence arises when we orient ourselves to the truth through reality that's available to us in immediate, felt, embodied experience.  Entering deeply into intimate contact with sensation, feeling and awareness enables us to access life-affirming qualities that provide us clarity and guidance for living our deeper purpose.

Find that flame, that existence, that wonderful Man (Woman) Who can burn beneath the water. No other kind of light will cook the food you need.


In Diamond Approach Work, A.H. Almaas describes Presence as what we really are.  Presence is True Nature, the Spirit itself appearing as what I am.  It has a sense of recognizing that what I am is real, true, and authentic.  It is right now, this moment.  It has a hereness, a nowness, a sense of palpableness, almost like feeling your body palpably. It is experiencing the spirit of our nature as palpable truth.


Over time, presence practices – i.e. meditation, quieting the busy mind, sensation/feeling realization, inquiry - lead to recognizing our nature as “I amness.”  We can experience spirit as palpable isness.  In this felt experience of our nature, we find exquisite intimacy.  Being our true selves, feeling ourselves, we are touched by our heart’s tenderness.  We recognize ourselves in that tenderness, and we love being intimate with our authenticity.  We grasp that the treasure we seek is to be genuinely what we are; found here, within.  


Coaching Anchored in the Practice of Presence

Body-Centered Inquiry into the three centers of intelligence – head/thinking, heart/feeling, belly/instinctive – is central to my coaching approach.  Realizing lived-in contact with each of the centers offers intelligence that is far more extraordinary than that of the “busy mind” where most of us are imprisoned most of the time. Sensate contact with these centers of intelligence allows us to be in real connection with what is actually here.


My coaching includes these tenets of presence-practice work:

  • Most of our experience is half conscious; not comprehended.

  • Being who we are requires first finding out where we are.

  • To find out where we are, we have to start with what we have, which is always our experience in the moment.

  • If we allow our experience in the moment - i.e. feel, see, taste, smell, be aware of it, it becomes possible for us to find out what we are and to be who we are.

  • When we're more fully intimate with our experience and we have some understanding of it, we see the truth of our experience.

  • Seeing the truth of where and who we are enables us to respond with what is needed in the moment – a gift of enormous practicality.


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